FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you limit Buyers to 1 item per person?

A: The main reason I limit purchases to 1 per customer is because I am not in the business of supplying re-sellers with codes. Sometimes I get good deals and I try to pass them on to as many customers as I can. If your friend/mom/dad/relative needs their own code, please share my website with them. If you are a re-seller who doesn't like my business model or thinks it's "quite literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of" (shoutout to the brave unnamed competing store owner) - tough. Your opinion doesn't matter. 


Q:  When will you send me my code?

A:  By the estimated delivery time shown in the top bar of every screen on my website.

Q:  If I email you because I'm impatient or didn't read the order confirmation email and want the code sooner, will you send it?

A:  Nope.